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Laurie Schlossnagle CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA
Canine Life Skills for Dogs and their Humans
Side By Side Dog Training is family-owned and operated in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.  Using scientifically based positive reinforcement training methods, we help canines learn valuable life skills and facilitate the building of life-long bonds between humans and their dogs. 

Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Canine Behavior Consultant, Laurie Schlossnagle, has a variety of experience in dog training, behavior modification, competition obedience and rally, service dogs, and therapy and crisis response dogs.  Laurie has been training dogs professionally for over 11 years.  Side By Side Dog Training was founded in December 2012 by Laurie (she previously was an Owner/Instructor/Trainer for her own training business in Ohio before moving to Utah).  Laurie has much hands-on training and knowledge to share with dog families. 
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Committed to helping my clients build, and maintain, positive relationships with their dogs through scientifically based, pain and force free positive reinforcement methods.
"Training is not a luxury, but a key component to good animal care. Everyone who has a pet should understand that basic fact. Training is a way to enhance the quality of life for our pets. It is far more than just teaching a dog to do a cute trick. Training is about teaching a dog (or any animal) how to live in our world safely." 
~ Ken Ramirez