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Photo taken by Laura Trussell, February 2017
About Side By Side Dog Training
I train all dogs by helping them understand what is is that we want them to do -- puppies and adult dogs, adopted and rescued dogs, reactive and aggressive dogs, shy and fearful dogs, competition and getting ready for competition dogs (Rally, Obedience, and Scent), therapy dogs, crisis response dogs, and service dogs. 

I have a "whole dog" approach to training.  I know dogs react and respond to their humans, their environments, their diet, their exercise, and other factors in their lives.  In order to best help dogs to live in a human world, all of these things need to be taken into account.  My training, behavior modification, and management plans are based on the whole dog and his/her life and life style.

In order to be the best trainer and instructor I can be, my belief is that I have to personally experience/participate in the things I teach.  So, when I am teaching a class or a private session, you not only are getting "textbook" material, you are also getting "experience" material.  I am passionate about my continuing education and take every opportunity I can to attend conferences, seminars, workshops, and online events.

I am the only dog trainer in Utah with my qualifications, certifications, and education (see below for more information and for a link to my full resume).

~ Laurie Schlossnagle KPA CTP, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, TAGteacher Level 1
Laurie Schlossnagle

Laurie is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP -- see their website at, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and a Certified Behavior Consultant -- Canine (CBCC-KA) through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers (see their website at She is also a Level 1 TAGteacher. Laurie's background includes therapy dogs, rally obedience, obedience, competition, service dogs, and behavior consultation. Laurie and her Aussie mix, Blitz, her Beagle mixes, Dolly and Elphie, and her Shih Tzu Rafael are registered Therapy Dog Teams and enjoy reading with children at schools and libraries and visiting residents at assisted living facilities.  Laurie is a licensed Rally judge for World Cynosport Rally, a licensed Rally, Obedience, Scent Detective, and Games judge for C-WAGS (Canine Work And Games), and a licensed Scent Work judge for AKC (American Kennel Club).

Laurie has extensive, documented experience in dealing with a wide range of dog breeds, behavior issues (including aggression), training plans, and management protocols. She regularly attends educational events to further her knowledge and expertise and to maintain her certifications. Laurie graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy in May 2014 in their Professional Dog Trainer Program.  Most recently, Laurie has participated in weekend seminars with Ken Ramirez, Grisha Stewart, Michele Pouliot, Theresa McKeon, Joey Iverson, and Hannah Branigan, ClickerExpo in March 2015, and ClickerExpo in January 2016 (3-day educational conferences for positive reinforcement animal trainers from all over the world), and the Pet Professional Guild Summit at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in April 2018.  Laurie regularly takes online classes offered by the Karen Pryor Academy and the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.  This summer, Laurie and Blitz are looking forward to taking their first Treiball class!

Laurie and her Beagle, Daisy, earned titles in Rally Obedience and Obedience AKC (American Kennel Club), APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), CDSP (Companion Dog Sports Program), and C-WAGS (Canine Work And Games) including several championship titles. Laurie and Daisy earned High in Trial three times -- once in Rally and twice in Obedience and ranked nationally in APDT Rally. Laurie and Elphie have earned titles in Rally Obedience (APDT and C-WAGS) and Obedience (C-WAGS).  Laurie and Elphie have also ranked nationally in APDT Rally.  Laurie has two current working partners -- Dolly -- they worked together in the Karen Pryor Academy, do therapy dog work together, and are competing in Scent Work, Rally, and Obedience.  Blitz and Laurie spend time working on Rally, Obedience, Agility, and tricks.  Blitz is a wonderful traveling companion and they enjoy many adventures together.  Laurie and Rafael do therapy dog work together as well as occasionally traveling and trialing together in Rally.

In Summer 2017, Laurie and her family added a beagle puppy to the family.  It's too early to tell what Emme will excel at and enjoy, but they are hoping to try many different sports and activities!  Emme starts her Conformation adventure in May 2018.

Laurie is married, and between them they have three daughters, one son, five dogs, chickens, a rabbit, and fish.

Laurie is a Founder and Director of Paws With Compassion -- a canine crisis response and therapy dog group.  She and K-9 Daisy volunteered on the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois for the anniversary of the campus shootings and at the annual National Parents of Murdered Children (POMC) Conferences in Cincinnati, Ohio, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  (With K-9s Dolly, Elphie, Blitz and Rafael, they also served at the POMC Conferences in Rochester, Minnesota, Orlando, Florida, and Irvine, California.) She and Daisy served in Lake Township, Ohio to support those affected by the June 2010 tornadoes. Laurie went to Aurora, Colorado in the aftermath of the movie theater shooting.  Laurie and K-9 Dolly responded to Newtown, Connecticut and the Sandy Hook School shooting.  Laurie, along with her dogs, is a regular presenter at POMC's Annual Conferences.  She presents on several topics, including Therapy Dogs in Chapter Meetings and K-9 Responses to School Shootings with Multiple Victims. Laurie and K-9 Daisy (2012) and Laurie and K-9 Dolly (2013 and 2016) have earned C-WAGS' "Doing Others Good" Award for their work in crisis response. In 2016, Laurie was given the Extra Mile Award at the Annual POMC Conference in Orlando, Florida.

(We are sad to post that Daisy passed away in January 2016.  Daisy would have been 14 in March 2016.  She is missed.)

To see Laurie's Resume, click here (Adobe Document).
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Our Staff:
Kendra Buchele

Kendra is a life-long dog handler.  She has been participating in classes most of her life and has been an active dog sports competitor since she was 9 years old (with multiple titles in multiple venues with multiple dogs). She regularly participates in continuing education opportunities including: ClickerExpo 2015, Michele Pouliot Workshop (February 2016), and Ken Ramirez Seminar (November 2014). Kendra is Laurie's daughter.

Kendra has one dog -- Rafael, a Shih Tzu.  They recently became a registered therapy dog team. She handles Laurie's dog, Blitz, in Rally and she, Laurie, and Karl share Dolly for therapy dog work.

Kendra handles most of our in-home pet sitting (both overnights and daily visits), does private sessions for training and management plans, and assists in group classes.
Doreen Snow

I have done hands on training with Laurie since 2014 and have done a lot of research reading books on training. I have a Certificate of Completion for Dog Trainer Foundations from Karen Pryor Academy as well as having completed Certification for TAG teach Primary Level. 

I’ve been assisting with Einstein Puppy class since 2016. I have great fun mentoring the play time with the puppy group. We do games, puzzles, targeting, socializing with objects, and bonding with our puppies.  

I have 5 dogs, a Flat Coat Retriever, Jett; a Corgi, Newt; two Miniature Dachshunds’, Dot and Katie; and a Golden Doodle, Dudley. Jett and Newt are currently doing training classes with Laurie. I also have 6 horses, three Morgans and three Miniature horses. I do clicker training with my minis and currently working on trick training with them. I am working on trick titles for Jett and Newt and working on Trick Training Instructor Certification for myself.

Doreen is also available for private sessions and especially enjoys working on tricks.
Nancy Brunswick

Nancy has enjoyed living with and working with her dogs for over 20 years. Nancy is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP). She is active in training and competing with her Australian shepherds and completed titles in rally, obedience, musical freestyle, nose work and conformation and has also trained in agility. 

Nancy has volunteered with her dogs as a therapy dog teams. This experience has included visiting schools working with occupational and speech therapists to help children with learning disabilities. Currently she visits at a number of assisted living facilities with her Aussies Rico and Rina. While living in New Mexico, Nancy was a Licensed Instructor for the Delta Society Pet Partners Training.

Nancy has experience teaching family companion dog and puppy classes, and competition classes in rally and musical freestyle. 

She is passionate about learning about methods to improving her understanding in training and animal behavior. Toward that goal she has participated in weekend seminars with trainers such as Suzanne Clothier, Patricia McConnell, Chris Zink, Wendy Volhard, Paul Owens and Linda Tellington Jones, and freestyle instructors Michele Pouliot, Carolyn Scott, Richard Curtis, Diane Kowalski and Julie Flannery. She has also attended four Clicker Expos. 

Nancy assists in our Puppy Play and Train classes and handles a neutral dog (Rico) for testing and class experiences.
Also on Staff:

Karl Schlossnagle
Karl is our equipment builder, accountant, and overall support person.  He helps keep our ship floating!  He is a registered therapy dog team with Dolly and you will often find him attending classes with any of the family dogs!  He also helps with reactive/aggressive dog private sessions by handling the neutral dog.  Karl is Laurie's husband.

Meagan Buchele 
Meagan assists in class, helps with the mountains of paperwork, and provides neutral dog handling for classes and evaluations.  She has one dog -- a beagle mix, Elphie.  Meagan and Elphie are a registered therapy dog team.  Meagan is also available for in-home pet-sitting.  Meagan is Laurie's daughter.