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Side By Side Dog Training Classes and Services
At Side By Side Dog Training, we take care to provide our clients high quality services personalized for their unique needs.

Most classes are held at our training center at 2019 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84109 (Millcreek).

Due to the nature of our in-home services, travel expenses may apply. 

We provide a variety of services including group classes, private sessions, behavior modification plans, and remote training and consultation:

For more information on any of these classes/services, 
please click on the title:

Private Sessions
For all puppies and dogs.
Sometimes a group class is not the best option for a variety of reasons.  
Private sessions are scheduled at your convenience and typically take place at our training center, in your home, or at your choice of appropriate locations.

Specialty Workshop Classes
For all puppies and dogs (unless otherwise noted).
These are 60 -- 90 minute specialty workshops on specific topics.  Check back often to see what we've added to the calendar!

Puppy Great Start
For all puppies -- 8 weeks (2 months) to 20 weeks (5 months).
This is a *free* class because Side By Side Dog Training believes all puppies should go to puppy class!  NEW DAY/TIME ADDED!

Smart Puppy  
For older puppies -- approximately 4 months (16 weeks) to 9 months.
A bit more advanced puppy class for puppies who need a bit more of a challenge.  NEW DAY/TIME ADDED!

Handle With Care
January 2019 -- for all puppies and dogs.
Learn how to take an active role in your puppy's care.  This is an important class for all dog families!  Helping your dog to better handle veterinary care and grooming leads to better overall health.

Puppy Parties
Welcome your new puppy home with a puppy party!  
Our training center is also available for other dog parties (birthday, gotcha day, retirement...)

Help! I Have A Teenaged Dog! (or acts like one...)
For all puppies and dogs approximately 5 months and older.
This class teaches solid foundations and addresses the issues and the joys that can not only be specific to teenaged puppies/dogs, but also to older dogs -- making good choices, house and doorway manners, polite leash walking, appropriate greetings (not jumping up), and coming when called.

Canine Good Citizen and Tricks
February 2019 -- for dogs with foundation behaviors.
Work on a variety of behaviors and tricks for the Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog evaluations.

Competition Skills -- Rally, Obedience, Proofing, and Ring Prep
For dogs working on skills for competition.

Out And About
For all puppies/dogs approximately 5 months and older.
Wanting to do things with your dog in a variety of environments and situations?  This is a great class to practice good behavior with other dogs and people in different places in the community.
**Class is currently in session.  Please contact us to join and get a prorated class fee for the remaining sessions.**

For all puppies and dogs.
Rally is a dog sport combining teamwork, obedience skills, and fun.
(Run-throughs listed here!)

C-WAGS League
Fall 2018/Winter 2019 League -- Rally, Obedience, and Games.  
Updated premium posted.  You are welcome to join mid-league!

Platforms and Parkour
January 2019 -- for all puppies/dogs at least 5 months and older.
Work your dog both mentally and physically as we teach them to interact with obstacles and their environment.

On Target!
February 2019 -- for all puppies and dogs.
In Terrific Targets, we will go beyond the nose touch and teach our dogs to target different body parts to different objects.  A fun class for dogs of all ages, including  senior dogs!!!

March 2019 -- for all puppies and dogs.
Excel in the breed ring!

Canine Musical Freestyle
Spring 2019 -- for dogs with foundation behaviors.
Music and dogs -- what could be better? Do you love to watch those online videos of humans and dogs dancing together?  Come to this class and start working on a fabulous routine of your own!!!

Scent Detective
Winter 2019 -- for all puppies and dogs.
Dogs' noses are amazing!!!  Learn how to tap into your dog's keen sense of smell in this micro class series.

Therapy and Crisis Response Dogs
For all puppies and dogs.  A one-afternoon workshop in November 2018.
For those interested in therapy and/or crisis response work and for those wanting to work on their skills for visits.

February 2019 -- for all dogs.  
This class is designed to help dogs learn to relax in the presence of things (dogs, people, sounds, etc.) that are stressful to them.  This is a very small class, register early to secure your spot.

Service Dog Training
Please contact us for information.
Package deals and payment plans are available.  All packages and payment plans have expiration dates (usually four months).  No refunds on deposits or after first class/session.  If you would like to pay a deposit or find out more about packages and/or payment plans, please contact us by clicking here.  All rates and packages subject to change without notice.
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